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KER Custom Molders, Inc. prides itself on our never-ending goal to improve quality and maintain high standards for our processes and products.  We begin the process with a robust Quality Assurance program.  This is where we establish what is required to ensure you get exactly the part that you want.  This may include developing gauges or fixtures for your part, or adding specific quality checks to meet a part requirement.  We also create custom control plans to map out any issues that could arise throughout your product’s journey from material acceptance to final product shipment.  Our quality assurance process encapsulates anything we can do to prevent defects and ensure the proper product is shipped to you.
Once we begin production, we utilize our dedicated Quality Control Technicians on all three shifts – 24 hours a day.  All QC personnel are trained to use all necessary quality tools and work together to bridge information from one shift to the next.  We use a robust Quality Control process with several approval processes and inspections throughout production to ensure product compliance.  In addition, we have a variety of tools used by Quality to assist us in meeting any and all of your product requirements, such as:
     • Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)  - Sheffield 1808 DCC
     • Calipers, Micrometers
     • Checking Fixtures
     • Go/No-Go Gages
     • Height Gages
     • Gauge Pins and Blocks
     • Feeler Gauges
     • Leak Tester-DC Volt (Battery)
     • Pressure Tester (Battery)
     • Color Tester